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Join us today and plunge into a world of exciting adventures, where every game is an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to make new friends, learn something new and feel the unique spirit of social games. Together with Rtp Slot Hose you will discover new facets of the gaming industry and get acquainted with exciting worlds created especially for you.


We do not support gambling or the promotion of cash games. All of our games are designed purely for entertainment and social interaction, and do not contain any in-app purchases. Our content is intended for persons over the age of 18, and we encourage all users to play responsibly in accordance with the laws of their country. Terms and Conditions.


What are we doing at Rtp Slot Hose?

Developing unique game concepts

We are constantly exploring new ideas and concepts to create games that will be unlike anything else. Our team of creative professionals work hard to make each of our games special and exciting.

Innovative Game Mechanics

We are constantly experimenting with game mechanics and features to create exciting and immersive gameplay experiences. Our goal is to surprise players and offer them new gaming experiences.

Support and Updates

We are constantly working to improve our games and provide regular updates with new content and features. We also provide high quality player support so that everyone can enjoy the gameplay without any problems.

Toro Shogun

A New Look at Historical Strategies

Toro Shogun

“Toro Shogun” is a new game from Rtp Slot Hose that will take you to the exciting world of medieval Japon, full of battles, intrigue and strategic moves. In this game, you will become a samurai chieftain building his great principality and fighting for power in an endless struggle for supremacy.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Japanese history and culture, feel the weight of battle and responsibility for the fate of your people. Toro Shogun offers a unique blend of strategy, tactics and resource possession, where every move you make will matter and influence the outcome of the battle.

The game gives you ample opportunities to develop your principality: from building and fortifications to hiring warriors and making alliances. Choose your path to power: be a wise diplomat, a cunning strategist or a fearless warrior – in Toro Shogun everyone will find their own way to success.

But be careful: there is no room for the weak in this world. Only those who can make tough decisions and lead their armies to victory can become true Shogun. Are you ready for the challenge? Enter the battle and earn your place in Toro Shogun history!

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Inspiration and Innovation

Rtp Slot Hose is a company inspired by a passion for creating unique social games that turn gameplay into a true adventure. Our story began with a dream to bring people together through fun games where everyone could find something special for themselves. Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality, creating games that capture the imagination and bring joy to millions of players around the world.

At Rtp Slot Hose, we pride ourselves on assembling a team of talented and creative professionals capable of transforming ideas into reality. Our developers, designers, ideators and analysts work together to create games that leave unforgettable impressions and inspire new achievements….

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